Baby I Like It Raw Salad with Kitchen Sink Goddess Dressing recipe

I’ve been eating a lot of raw kale and broccoli salads, and I don’t particularly feel like explaining why. Just take it at face value. The shit is delicious, you don’t have to cook it and it’s hella good for you. Triple win.

Baby I Like It Raw Salad

  • One crown of broccoli
  • One bunch of dinosaur kale
  • Handful of trail mix, preferably with fruit in it
  • A plastic bag
  • Lime juice
  • Salt
  • OPTIONAL: one egg, maybe some chopped up sauteed tempeh, perhaps a fresh lousiana hot link, who knows?* Add some more protein though because that shit is delicious and satisfying.

Break up broccoli into individual florets and set aside. Strip kale leaves from stems (save stems for eating later unless you’re a chump). Rip kale leaves into bite size pieces and place in plastic bag. Add a dash of lime juice and a pinch of salt and massage the kale. The shiny surface will turn wet and dark green. Add to a bowl with the broccoli. Add the handful of trail mix.

*These are all things I have wantonly put on top of this salad, they are all great

Kitchen Sink Goddess Dressing

  • 2tbsp of either:
    • Raw cashew butter
    • Tahini
  • Lime juice
  • Rice vinegar
  • Miso mayo (or miso paste)
  • Pepper

Scoop 2 tbsp of nut butter into a bowl. Add a healthy splash of both lime juice and rice vinegar. Add 1 tbsp miso mayor or miso paste (more or less to taste) and a dash of pepper. Mix with a fork.

Add dressing to salad, mix and enjoy.

Punk Fucking Rock

I’ve been working on this shipping container house project for over a year, and there’ve been a couple cases where the person who sold me the container told me to use specialized tools for doing certain jobs.

Every time, after pricing out the options and the hassle involved in getting the tools, the answer was “fuck it, do it the hard way.”

After like 2 weeks of getting roughneck weirdos with heavy equipment to quote me a price for moving my container into place in the back yard, the right answer was “drag the fucking thing with a chain”.  After 6 months of figuring out how to save the absolute maximum amount of space using thin steel studs, specialized insulation, etc etc the right answer was “fuck it, use wood.” After a week of futzing around with a band saw trying to make clean cuts to remove those steel studs the right answer was “fuck it, grind them shits off with an angle grinder”. And after another three weeks of trying to get my friend to lend me his plasma cutter to cut more holes in the walls, the answer, again, is “fuck it, grind them shits off with an angle grinder.”

If all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. If you have a medical-grade scalpel, the right tool for the job might still be a hammer.

Suspended my Facebook account

It did this weird thing where it showed me all of these photos of “friends” that will “miss me”, selected through some algorithm likely created through some gross behavioral psychology experiments.

It’s funny because my account isn’t gone, but it’s gone enough to prevent me from going to the website. And if past experience is any indication I will be a lot happier without it.